About Us

Dr. Vijaya Gowri

Internationally Qualified Dermal Cosmetologist from Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and the USA

About Doc

Dr. Vijaya Gowri, Internationally Qualified Dermal Cosmetologist provides the best solutions and aims at providing a comprehensive patient experience and individualized care with the help of the most advanced technologies.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of skin treatment, we provide you with the best treatment and service. We have also worked with many clients internationally, and have pleased them with excellent results.

Doc's Notable Milestones

  • She is Internationally Qualified Dermal Cosmetologist from many countries.

  • She has specialized in Cosmetic Aesthetician and also in Non-Surgical treatments like lasers, dermal fillers, facelifts, chemical peels.

  • She has attended various conferences on Lasers and Skin Treatments.

  • She has experience of more than two decades.

  • She has worked with several thousand people till now.

Our Story

DLS Clinic is one of the most prominent highly trusted clinics. Since the year 1996, we have specialized in user-friendly and non-surgical medical treatment for the improvement of skin and hair.

We aim to incorporate scientific procedures that optimize your natural healing process to bring out a healthy, beautiful, and confident YOU.

DLS helps you to achieve a complete understanding of your problems be that your skin hair or obesity. We provide a host of treatments viz.., skincare, age reversal, advance peel, Laser photo rejuvenation, face lifting, etc.

With the diversity of laser equipment, we have the most sophisticated systems in the world. It is well suited for Indian skin type and hair type hence the results are absolutely guaranteed without any side effects.

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